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6.5mm PRC – Impact 737/LP Fuzion


  • Barrel tenon dimensions allow use on Impact Precision 737, NBK, and “FZ” serial Lone Peak Fuzion stainless receiver. Engraving timing will vary slightly.
  • .298 neck, .180 freebore – Factory ammo
  • .535” base diameter to eliminate “clickers” when reloading.
    • M24 26”
    • MTU+ 26”
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Additional information

Precision chambered and threaded Benchmark barrels using the finest CNC turning center and tooling.

Barrels will arrive ready to install on your receiver.

These barrels are ready to ship when IN STOCK.

Due to variance in lots or generations of receivers, we CANNOT absolutely guarantee the timing of the caliber designation to the receiver. We have found even the absolute best receivers vary a few degrees over time. The timing of the engraving has no correlation to thread fit or headspace of the barrel.

***Black Cerakote will delay shipping 1-3 days


barrel contour diagram
M24       A – 1.200     C – .900     D – 3.000     F – 28.000     ~6.0lb
MTU+   A – 1.250     C – 1.000     D – 3.000     F – 28.000    ~7.0lb


M24 26”, MTU+ 26”

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