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Custom Rifles

Your Rifle, Your Way

Custom Built Rifles

TS Customs is a custom rifle manufacturer located in Miller, South Dakota. Over the years, we have gained a strong reputation in both the hunting and competitive shooting communities for producing some of the best rifles money can buy. Every rifle built at our facility is constructed with world-class components, machined to exact tolerances, and assembled by some of the most dedicated individuals you will find in the industry.

We love what we do, and take pride in providing an exemplary experience to those we serve!

11New KS1 TS Customs Rifle Stock
11TS Customs Rifle With Beautiful Scenery

The Right Rifle For You

In order to build the right rifle for you, we like to get to know you better. Learning about your hunting and shooting background will help us guide you to the right rifle configuration. While many rifle configurations will fill many roles well, we want to be certain you’re getting the right fit for YOU.

The purpose for your rifle is the single most important part of the conversation. Where and what will you be hunting? What type of precision rifle shooting discipline will you be competing in? Our experience as avid hunters and competitive shooters lends us the ability to better relate to your wants and needs in a rifle build.

It’s important to put a hunting rifle together that allows you to effectively execute a shot in field conditions. We hear all the time “I don’t need anything fancy, it’s just a hunting rifle.” On the contrary, we believe there are few shots ever taken as critical as the small handful that you may ever take at a trophy animal. Building a rifle that is equipped properly to capitalize on those few opportunities is paramount.

Let's Talk About Your Build

Building the perfect hunting rifle can easily go several ways depending on how one will be hunting. At TS Customs, there are a few staple components you’ll see in our lines. On most of our builds we’ll be using an Impact Precision or Lone Peak Arms receiver. We then pair that custom receiver up with a Benchmark barrel. Benchmark has provided us with some of the most accurate barrels available for over a decade now.

Our most recent, and exciting change to our hunting rifles is the addition of our KS1 and KS1 Adjustable carbon fiber stocks. Being the contact point and steering wheel of the rifle, our KS1 will help you accurately “drive” the bullet to your intended target. 

We welcome the opportunity to review your rifle needs and educate you of your options. On this page, you will find a short form that will provide us more insight into the intended use for your rifle. Once filled out a member of our staff will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your build and answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, please feel free to call the shop directly whenever convenient as well. We look forward to hearing from you!

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