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KS1 Rifle Stock

Our Innovative Long Range Hunting Rifle Stock

KS1 Hunting Rifle Stock

Drawing on 10 years of competitive shooting, long range hunting, and building rifle for hunters and shooters that travel the world; we’re excited to offer our KS1 rifle stock as the most ideal lightweight, long range hunting rifle stock available today.

11Custom Hunting Rifle Featuring TS Customs KS1 Rifle Stock

KS1 Key Features

A vertical grip that is pushed closer to the trigger than any other hunting stock.

  • This puts more of your hand on the grip while allowing you pull straight back on trigger instead of pressing on the side of the trigger.
  • We also thinned up the grip to reduce bulk and allow the shooters hand to sit closer to the center of the stock.

High, straight comb, and zero drop at recoil pad.

  • Being only 2/10 of an inch below bore line, the comb line provides a comfortable cheek weld with most face shapes and low to medium height mounted optics.
  • The lack of drop at the recoil pad puts more pad in contact with your shoulder in prone or compromised positions. Recoil pad on your shoulder equals better recoil management.

Long, slender forearm with flush picatinny rail.

  • The longer forearm puts greater distance between your front and rear support for greater stability and less bipod hop.
  • Bringing the bipod nearer the bore line with the flush picatinny rail lowers the stocks center of gravity and greatly reduces recoil torque in large magnums with fast twist barrels.

Average weights:

KS1 – 30oz finished with standard hardware

KS1 Adjustable – 42oz with standard hardware

Short arca rail – 1oz added

Full length arca rail – 4oz added (front picatinny rail is removed)

KS1 Stock Colors & Finishes

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