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Ghost Muzzle Brakes


Coming in at +/-1oz, the TS Customs Ghost self-timing muzzle brake is one of the absolute lightest muzzle brakes available. Made of a tough, TENNALUM 7068 Aluminum and hard anodized, the Ghost brake is ideal for the hunter looking to reduce recoil while adding as little weight to the rifle as possible. With its 15 degree, back angled, 4 port design; the Ghost brake maximizes recoil reduction while minimizing blast felt at the shooter.

The TS Customs Self-Timing Ghost brake comes in two different diameters and matches up very well with different carbon barrel profiles. The machined flats make for simple installation with a crescent wrench.

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Large = .990″ Diameter, 2.043″ Length, 5/8-24 threads, 22-30 cal, 1.1oz, fits best on Sendero and M24 contours; or .850-.920 muzzle diameters.

Small = .890″ Diameter, 2.043″ Length, 5/8-24 threads, 22-30 cal, .9oz, fits best on Sendero Lite and Rem Varmint contours; or .850 and smaller muzzle diameters.


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